Late Updates!!

Checked on my mail this morning and noticed that Roberta is ready for shipment. She's one of my most expensive and fragile yet!(first time getting a cold-cast figure) Hopefully she'll reach before X'mas, and in one piece.

Also managed to get photo shoots for some of the figurines that's been awaiting to be unboxed. Will take a while till I ready the pics for viewing.

And it's gonna be kinda slow as I manage to grab time for the photo shoots. I would usually spend an afternoon going through them. And I have like five to six of them this time around, so it's gonna take some time. Poseable ones usually take the longest, like Revoltech's, but Figma's will be quicker since their joints are easier to manipulate somehow.

Okay, until next time~


November Haul

Well it's not totally what I'll be getting for November but it's close enough.

  • Gurren Lagann Fulldrillized
  • Shana Nendoroid Enpatsu shakugan Ver.
  • Kagami Hiiragi
  • Miyuki Takara

  • Now I just need some time to go through them in a proper photo session.


    Alter Chouun Shiryuu

    From Alter Chouun Shiryuu

    Now here's a figure that I've gave up hope on due to the delay that she encountered. But as they say, what's yours is yours. So I'm pretty glad I finally received my Alter Chouun Shiryuu.

    Wasn't really keen on the base, in my opinion the one shown in Alter's website looks more decent than what was actually given.

    Overall, a nicely done figure! She looks so cool in that pose!

    Goodsmile Miku Hatsune

    From Goodsmile Miku Hatsune

    She's here! One can never have enough of Miku :) Even got her Figma and Nendoroid counterparts in for a pose or two. Oh and special shots *wink wink* at the end.


    Newly Acquired x2

    Two figurines that I acquired last weekend, will have them up on Picasa Web asap.


    Alter Louise

    Alter has finally released the pre-orders for Louise Uniform Ver. Gonna have to reshuffle some finances to grab her, luckily she's due for next years release.

    My order for Asahina Mikuru Gothic Punk Ver. has already been dropped out due to lack of funds :|


    Konjiki no Yami

    From Konjiki no Yami

    Konjiki no Yami by Alpha Omega arrived after much anticipation. The box that she came in is pretty huge and nearly didn't survive the trip. Most of it's edges were crushed.

    It's been a while since I have a full figure, so this shoot went pretty quick and easy. Konata and Tsukasa dropped by for some fun as well.

    So where's Lala? She'll be arriving from another shipment that's differs from this one since I didn't ordered both of them from the same store and time frame.

    figma Kanu Unchou

    From figma Kanu Unchou

    Now we have the figma Kanu Unchou that was give to me as a gift from a friend. You won't be seeing another figma which such a body :] She's relatively easy to pose, hands pop out easily but not loose when they're attached on. The supporting stand with the extra white piece does take some time to tweak around with.


    figma Yuki Nagato Evil Wizard Ver.

    From figma Yuki

    Here's the photo shoot for Yuki Nagato Evil Wizard Ver. I like it when i get that cape and hat on her, pretty darn cute i'd say :)

    Oh and I tried to get Konata to wear them but to no avail. Maybe i'll try again some time in the future.


    Figma Yuki Arrives!

    Yuki Nagato Evil Wizard Ver. arrived right on schedule. Will begin photo shoot in days to come.


    Revoltech Enki

    Larger Slide Show Here

    Spent some time with Enki tonight and manage to get a photo session done. For those who collect the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Revoltechs should know that the final component of the Gurren Lagann flight pack ships with Enki so you'll find Gurren Lagann sneaking in for some shots near the end.

    Here's a clip of when Enki fought with Gurren Lagann.

    Now...where's that Gurren Lagann Fulldrillized of mine. Gotta get Enkidu when he's up on the shops for pre-order as well.


    figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Uniform In Winter Ver.

    Larger Slideshow Here

    Heeeere's Tsukasa Hiiragi Uniform In Winter Ver.! Had a hard time switching her hands back and forth, almost afraid that i might rip off the joints in the process. Had a lil fun with something from Konata :3 at the end of the shoot as well. Ooh ooh and I think Miyuki's pre-ordering just started :D

    Next figure shoot, Revoltech Enki! Gurren Lagann Fulldrillized should be before him but I have yet to receive it, so that'll come later(hopefully).

    Tsukasa Soon!

    Done with the photo shoot with Tsukasa Hiiragi, once she's processed through PS she'll be uploaded for the slide show. Meanwhile enjoy this song from her seiyuu.


    figma Miku Hatsune

    Larger Slideshow Here

    Here's figma's Miku Hatsune! Recieved her from HobbyLink Japan a day ago and I pretty much like the way HLJ packaged her into the box. No peanuts, no bubble wrap, just a cardboard with a plastic seal wrap over it.

    I'm amazed by Miku's beauty in this one so don't expect any pantsu shots (soz AC :þ) this time around. Her side tails are pretty solid when compared to my Nendoroid Miku. I'm still considering if i should get a new set of Nend just because of that issue.

    Okay, enjoy the slideshow! :]


    Gurren-dan Tee

    Out of the blue I went and ordered this Gurren-dan T-Shirt from HLJ. So it was shipped through SAL, took roughly 10 days and finally arrived. Wonder if i'll ever loose my mind and grab another one of these tee's in the future, since one would cost around the price of a figma figurine. Oh well money has been spent.

    figma Miku Hatsune gallery coming next!


    Alter Tukisiro Mina

    Larger Slide Show Here

    Introducing Alter's Tukisiro Mina from Getumen To Heiki MINA. Excellent quality, colors and paint job are very nicely done! The rod she's holding in her hand is actually made up of metal.

    Not much I can say bout this figure because she's does not require much to describe. Simply clean, simple and beautiful. Bunneh karots ftw!

    Ooh and it seems like figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Uniform In Winter Ver. will be released this Friday according to Mikatan's Blog. Can't wait for her to arrive! "/insert Konata's face here"


    Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid

    Larger Slide Show Here

    Here's the photos for the Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid that I acquired from Jlist recently. It sure is hard to balance her without using the support (alot easier with Miku since her side tails act as stands)

    I must say her joints are pretty hard to ply out which is a good thing. I did have a hard time trying to remove her face and front hair, spent a couple of minutes on that. The stand that she came with wasn't too good, it can hardly support her weight so i had to borrow the stand from Miku's.

    Overall she's cute as expected from any Nendoroid (you wouldn't buy them in the first place if they weren't cute, but there are exceptions for some). Had the usual swap around with her and Miku in the end. Oh and a little present to Anonymous Coward can be found at the end of the slide show :þ

    TTGL & Roberta

    It's 3am, I should be asleep but I went looking around figurine stores and web-blogs for news. So I end up reserving Revoltech's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and what could be my most expensive purchase ever, Black Lagoon's Roberta by New Line.

    This is Madness!
    Now I really have to tie that belt of mine even tighter! Oh and gdnight.


    Haruhi Get!

    She was delivered to my door step not long ago. And I was nearly gonna send an inquiry to Jlist whether they have sent her yet, due to the lack of updates in their order status. Did it through first class airmail this time around and I'm pretty pleased with the time it takes to arrive. It's as good as EMS. Expect photos in a couple of days when i get the time for her.


    figma Konata Izumi Uniform In Winter Ver.

    Click Here for Larger Slideshow

    Here she is...the slide show of figma Konata Izumi Uniform In Winter Ver. This time around I used my old Sony DSC for the photo taking and had the photos touched up in Photoshop.

    I also had some fun with her Konata Izumi Costume play Ver. by swapping the front hair and the face. You'll find the photos of that in near the end of the slide show album.

    And I need to say this again, k-a-w-a-i-i~!!! Konata is worth the wait!


    Konata Get!

    She's here! figma Konata Izumi Uniform In Winter Ver.! Went down to the store to collect her today and now she's safely in my hands. Expect more photos to follow the next day!

    (24th August)
    Wanted to get her ready today but ended up having a late photography session. I still got more photos that require processing in Photoshop before I get it up to Photoshop.com

    So here's a sneak for now :) She is arguably one of the cutest figma I ever have, figurine even!


    Nendoroid Haruhi

    So after much hesitation and looking at depleting stocks and crazy eBay prices, I went ahead and ordered this Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid from J-List. I couldn't resist that look on her anyway :P


    Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver.

    Larger Slideshow Here

    Got some free time thrown together this afternoon and with the help of new lights bought from IKEA, I give you Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver.! Lighting sure plays alot in getting better photos. Next stop, new camera perhaps :] And more practice in photography!


    Fate Get!

    So after a long wait and absence of new figurines, my figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver. is finally here! Now Nanoha won't be bored all by herself and it's gonna be fun switching their parts around for some hybrid creations!

    Now I just gotta wait for a couple more that's long overdue for the month...
  • Alter Chouun Shiryuu
  • figma Konata Izumi Uniform In Winter Ver.
  • 8.01.2008

    Konata & Fate

    figma blog

    They are nearly here! Most of the sites states the release date to be 7th this month!


    Konata Winter Uniform Ver. Box

    Looks like photos of Konata and the box has appeared. Sure looks nice :)
    More of her this way, http://ameblo.jp/figma/theme-10003852822.html


    Nendoroid Shana

    Nendoroids sure do live up to their name as being one of the kawaii figurines one will ever purchase. And it's no exception when it's Shana! Shown above is the Enpatsu Shakugan version, as for the normal one it's limited to those who suscribes to a certain mag. I'm happy enough with just this version of Shana, just gotta wait for the shops to state their price tags for pre-order before adding her to the cart.


    Konata Izumi Cosplay Ver.

    Larger Slideshow

    So here's my virgin purchase from eBay, the Wonfes 08 limited edition of Konata Izumi cosplaying as Haruhi. I knew I had to buy this when i saw the price tag from the seller. Most of the places I saw that has her on sale ranges mostly around US$120 and that's without counting shipment. And what's not to trust a seller who has a track record 100% record from every sale.

    Konata's cute as ever and it was fun when i plucked couple items from my figma Nanoha and transfered them onto her.

    Hmmm..can't wait to get my hands on the winter uniform version of Konata later this month. Probably have fun transfering those faces to this version and vice versa :3

    Ooh and Play-Asia is having an large scale offer right now.
    Play-Asia.com Octopus Catching Summer Sale: 25% OFF ALL in-stock items - Only until Sunday, July 20th 2008

    Too bad(or lucky?) that I couldn't find anything interesting that's on discount :o


    The Art of Shunya Yamashita Fine Art Bust Cold Cast Statue: Noel

    As taken from http://www.kotous.com/?p=1684
    The 7th figure is in ARTFX series of sculptures based on the art of master illustrator Shunya Yamashita! KARIN BUST STATUE stands approximately 7″ tall with display base, and is packaged in a collectible window box.

    Scale: NONE SCALE
    Height(inch): 7″
    Height(cm): 18.0CM
    Material: COLD CAST
    ON SALE: 2008 JUL
    Copyright: © 山下しゅんや

    Play-Asia has a weekly special on her right now and these are the details

    List price: US$ 89.90
    Special price: US$ 59.90
    You save: US$ 30.00

    A pretty good deal i'd say so grab it while the special still stands!
    Buy The Art of Shunya Yamashita Fine Art Bust Cold Cast Statue: Noel


    (Kotobukiya) Spice & Wolf, Holo

    Yes if i do need to repeat myself a thousand times my Resinya Holo is still no where in sight :( but somehow I think I can take that as a blessing.

    Right on schedule with the speed and efficiency of EMS delivery was my Play-Asia order of Kotobukiya's Holo.

    Larger Slideshow Here

    Oh my she's a beauty! Just love that smile on her face! All she needs now is a decent display shelf!

    A Game & Trading Figure

    Waited about a week and i received my The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match and a Raki Suta Collection Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Trading Figure.

    You might ask, why would I just buy one of the trading figure when the full collection is actually made out of 11 figures? My answer would be that the PS2 game cost US$49.90 and I'd need to have at least US$50 for a US$5 discount. So that's where the Lucky Star trading figures come in play. One would cost US$4.90 and it's better than choosing some unwanted junk to fill in the total price.

    That's the story behind it and I just so happen to get Miyuki. Would be nice to get Konata though but Miyuki would do just fine :3


    Gurren Lagann Wonfes '08 Summer Edition

    Kotobukiya sends word of a limited edition Gurren Lagann for the Wonder Festival 2008 (Summer). It will be painted with metallic paint which gives it a nice glossy look and it'll feature the full flight pack as well. Now i'm just wondering where's the remaining flight pack of the standard edition of Gurren Lagann gonna come from.


    figma Kagami

    Yup, we all know this is coming but i just "didn't expect" it to be so soon. Looks like Kagami is now open for pre-orders! Set to be released a month after Tsukasa, on September.


    figma Tsukasa

    Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star is now open for pre-order! Looks like I can't ignore the rest of the main casts of Lucky Star since I've already placed an order for Konata. Oh well :]


    GSC Mizuho Kazami

    If you're a fan of Onegai Teacher, and have been searching for figurines of Mizuho-sensei, look no further! The figurine is relatively old (2yrs ago), so the price for one might be pricey due to it's rarity but this is not the case.

    Introducing Goodsmile's Mizuho Kazami!
    Now if you wish to get that figurine in a low price of US$24.90, here's your chance!

    Onegai Teacher 1/7 Scale Painted PVC Figure: Mizuho Kazami Dessert Time

    It appears that Play-Asia has changed the selling price to US$ 54.90 :|

    And now they dropped the price once more to US$24.90 -__-

    And on another note, seems like Kaiyodo has announced the next TTGL figure! Yes, another Gurren Lagann but this time around it's the Fulldrillized Version!

    I'm still pondering if I should even purchase that, would be good to know part of Gurren's wing will be included.

    But wait...there's moar! Look's like Goodsmile is pulling the same trick again! Another Miku Nendoroid but with different faces and accessories! OMG!

    For once I wish that was limited to festivals :( It's a definite answer to whether I would ponder on buying it from the stores.

    Oh my oh my >_<

    Update: It looks like this version of Miku would be a festival exclusive :]

    Miku Hatsune Nendoroid

    Here's my first Nendoroid, Miku Hatsune! When I started into anime figurines couple months ago, I tried to get this but to no avail. That was because the pre-order for most shops dates it back to end of last year. But thankfully due to it's overwhelming response, Good Smile Company decided to start another batch for it and from what I heard even a 3rd release is needed.

    So finally I got her, one of my least expected to acquire figurines and sadly still my Resinya Holo is no where to be found :[

    Miku's hair seem to be pretty loose and keeps on popping out of her head and I must say without those tails she does remind me of Eureka. And the quality of the painting is top notch btw!

    Enjoy the slideshow!!

    Revoltech Lazengann

    And here with have the next contender, Lazengann! Almost ruined any life that was left with the photos, the photos are bad but still somewhat aceptable.

    Took me quite a while to get the poses set up. I have to say it takes a while to pose Revoltech's, at least for Gurren Lagann and Lazengann. The joints and design for Lazengann certainly does make them sturdier than my Gurren Lagann. Maybe it's his different body structure.

    figma Nanoha Takamachi Barrierjacket Ver.

    Yep so i spent my afternoon taking photos of the newly acquired figurines with my SE Cybershot phone. Thought i'd give Photoshop Express a try since it's pretty much doing two things at once, touching up the photos and uploading them to a host.

    Enjoy the slideshow! I know i do :3


    Nanoha & Moar!

    So I've waited for my figurine of figma Nanoha Takamachi Barrierjacket Ver. to be delivered from Play-Asia. I was getting worried the package might be misplaced some where but it finally arrived at the door step this afternoon!

    I wasn't really planning to get her at first since i'm not a super fan of Nanoha (I do like the series but not to a crazed fan extent). But when I saw the release of figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver. I thought it'll be a sweet collection to have those two so I went forth and ordered from Play-Asia.

    figma_nanoha_01.jpg figma_nanoha_02.jpg

    I'm glad it arrived :) and can't wait to open the box when get some free time tomorrow. And also, the local shop rang me up to inform that both my Miku Hatsune Nendoroid and Lazengann is really for collection! I'll be looking forward to them as well!

    :] Today is a good day!


    Revoltech Gurren Lagann

    Finally received my Revoltech Gurren Lagann from the shop! My first ever Revoltech figurine and I had to make sure i dont break any of the parts. Good thing they made them pretty sturdy.

    Yeah I might just need to get a decent digicam soon : /

    bDSC00352.jpg bDSC00354.jpg bDSC00355.jpg bDSC00356.jpg

    bDSC00358.jpg bDSC00359.jpg bDSC00360.jpg bDSC00363.jpg

    bDSC00364.jpg bDSC00365.jpg bDSC00366.jpg bDSC00367.jpg

    bDSC00369.jpg bDSC00372.jpg bDSC00374.jpg bDSC00378.jpg

    bDSC00380.jpg bDSC00381.jpg bDSC00382.jpg bDSC00383.jpg

    bDSC00384.jpg bDSC00386.jpg bDSC00387.jpg bDSC00390.jpg

    bDSC00391.jpg bDSC00392.jpg bDSC00393.jpg