Alter Chouun Shiryuu

From Alter Chouun Shiryuu

Now here's a figure that I've gave up hope on due to the delay that she encountered. But as they say, what's yours is yours. So I'm pretty glad I finally received my Alter Chouun Shiryuu.

Wasn't really keen on the base, in my opinion the one shown in Alter's website looks more decent than what was actually given.

Overall, a nicely done figure! She looks so cool in that pose!

Goodsmile Miku Hatsune

From Goodsmile Miku Hatsune

She's here! One can never have enough of Miku :) Even got her Figma and Nendoroid counterparts in for a pose or two. Oh and special shots *wink wink* at the end.


Newly Acquired x2

Two figurines that I acquired last weekend, will have them up on Picasa Web asap.


Alter Louise

Alter has finally released the pre-orders for Louise Uniform Ver. Gonna have to reshuffle some finances to grab her, luckily she's due for next years release.

My order for Asahina Mikuru Gothic Punk Ver. has already been dropped out due to lack of funds :|


Konjiki no Yami

From Konjiki no Yami

Konjiki no Yami by Alpha Omega arrived after much anticipation. The box that she came in is pretty huge and nearly didn't survive the trip. Most of it's edges were crushed.

It's been a while since I have a full figure, so this shoot went pretty quick and easy. Konata and Tsukasa dropped by for some fun as well.

So where's Lala? She'll be arriving from another shipment that's differs from this one since I didn't ordered both of them from the same store and time frame.

figma Kanu Unchou

From figma Kanu Unchou

Now we have the figma Kanu Unchou that was give to me as a gift from a friend. You won't be seeing another figma which such a body :] She's relatively easy to pose, hands pop out easily but not loose when they're attached on. The supporting stand with the extra white piece does take some time to tweak around with.


figma Yuki Nagato Evil Wizard Ver.

From figma Yuki

Here's the photo shoot for Yuki Nagato Evil Wizard Ver. I like it when i get that cape and hat on her, pretty darn cute i'd say :)

Oh and I tried to get Konata to wear them but to no avail. Maybe i'll try again some time in the future.