Alter Tukisiro Mina

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Introducing Alter's Tukisiro Mina from Getumen To Heiki MINA. Excellent quality, colors and paint job are very nicely done! The rod she's holding in her hand is actually made up of metal.

Not much I can say bout this figure because she's does not require much to describe. Simply clean, simple and beautiful. Bunneh karots ftw!

Ooh and it seems like figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Uniform In Winter Ver. will be released this Friday according to Mikatan's Blog. Can't wait for her to arrive! "/insert Konata's face here"


Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid

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Here's the photos for the Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid that I acquired from Jlist recently. It sure is hard to balance her without using the support (alot easier with Miku since her side tails act as stands)

I must say her joints are pretty hard to ply out which is a good thing. I did have a hard time trying to remove her face and front hair, spent a couple of minutes on that. The stand that she came with wasn't too good, it can hardly support her weight so i had to borrow the stand from Miku's.

Overall she's cute as expected from any Nendoroid (you wouldn't buy them in the first place if they weren't cute, but there are exceptions for some). Had the usual swap around with her and Miku in the end. Oh and a little present to Anonymous Coward can be found at the end of the slide show :þ

TTGL & Roberta

It's 3am, I should be asleep but I went looking around figurine stores and web-blogs for news. So I end up reserving Revoltech's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and what could be my most expensive purchase ever, Black Lagoon's Roberta by New Line.

This is Madness!
Now I really have to tie that belt of mine even tighter! Oh and gdnight.


Haruhi Get!

She was delivered to my door step not long ago. And I was nearly gonna send an inquiry to Jlist whether they have sent her yet, due to the lack of updates in their order status. Did it through first class airmail this time around and I'm pretty pleased with the time it takes to arrive. It's as good as EMS. Expect photos in a couple of days when i get the time for her.


figma Konata Izumi Uniform In Winter Ver.

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Here she is...the slide show of figma Konata Izumi Uniform In Winter Ver. This time around I used my old Sony DSC for the photo taking and had the photos touched up in Photoshop.

I also had some fun with her Konata Izumi Costume play Ver. by swapping the front hair and the face. You'll find the photos of that in near the end of the slide show album.

And I need to say this again, k-a-w-a-i-i~!!! Konata is worth the wait!


Konata Get!

She's here! figma Konata Izumi Uniform In Winter Ver.! Went down to the store to collect her today and now she's safely in my hands. Expect more photos to follow the next day!

(24th August)
Wanted to get her ready today but ended up having a late photography session. I still got more photos that require processing in Photoshop before I get it up to Photoshop.com

So here's a sneak for now :) She is arguably one of the cutest figma I ever have, figurine even!


Nendoroid Haruhi

So after much hesitation and looking at depleting stocks and crazy eBay prices, I went ahead and ordered this Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid from J-List. I couldn't resist that look on her anyway :P


Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver.

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Got some free time thrown together this afternoon and with the help of new lights bought from IKEA, I give you Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver.! Lighting sure plays alot in getting better photos. Next stop, new camera perhaps :] And more practice in photography!


Fate Get!

So after a long wait and absence of new figurines, my figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver. is finally here! Now Nanoha won't be bored all by herself and it's gonna be fun switching their parts around for some hybrid creations!

Now I just gotta wait for a couple more that's long overdue for the month...
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  • 8.01.2008

    Konata & Fate

    figma blog

    They are nearly here! Most of the sites states the release date to be 7th this month!