GSC Mizuho Kazami

If you're a fan of Onegai Teacher, and have been searching for figurines of Mizuho-sensei, look no further! The figurine is relatively old (2yrs ago), so the price for one might be pricey due to it's rarity but this is not the case.

Introducing Goodsmile's Mizuho Kazami!
Now if you wish to get that figurine in a low price of US$24.90, here's your chance!

Onegai Teacher 1/7 Scale Painted PVC Figure: Mizuho Kazami Dessert Time

It appears that Play-Asia has changed the selling price to US$ 54.90 :|

And now they dropped the price once more to US$24.90 -__-

And on another note, seems like Kaiyodo has announced the next TTGL figure! Yes, another Gurren Lagann but this time around it's the Fulldrillized Version!

I'm still pondering if I should even purchase that, would be good to know part of Gurren's wing will be included.

But wait...there's moar! Look's like Goodsmile is pulling the same trick again! Another Miku Nendoroid but with different faces and accessories! OMG!

For once I wish that was limited to festivals :( It's a definite answer to whether I would ponder on buying it from the stores.

Oh my oh my >_<

Update: It looks like this version of Miku would be a festival exclusive :]


Panther said...

I think I have a bootleg Mizuho. So awesome!

Ah shit the verification code is polia lolol.