Late Updates!!

Checked on my mail this morning and noticed that Roberta is ready for shipment. She's one of my most expensive and fragile yet!(first time getting a cold-cast figure) Hopefully she'll reach before X'mas, and in one piece.

Also managed to get photo shoots for some of the figurines that's been awaiting to be unboxed. Will take a while till I ready the pics for viewing.

And it's gonna be kinda slow as I manage to grab time for the photo shoots. I would usually spend an afternoon going through them. And I have like five to six of them this time around, so it's gonna take some time. Poseable ones usually take the longest, like Revoltech's, but Figma's will be quicker since their joints are easier to manipulate somehow.

Okay, until next time~


fluke said...

Reservations for the Mikuru Extravaganza that goes with Haruhi are being taken currently. I've got both on pre order currently.

Striket said...

I've only ordered Haruhi :) wasn't that interested in Yuki and Mikuru's attire. Plus i'll be broke! lol

fluke said...

I actually just bought like 5 figures the other day, just about broke me hahaha.

Striket said...

Go Go Fluke! :þ My Roberta just shipped 10mins ago...total cost plus EMS cost me close to 20,000 yen. Man that burns!