figma Tsukasa

Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star is now open for pre-order! Looks like I can't ignore the rest of the main casts of Lucky Star since I've already placed an order for Konata. Oh well :]


GSC Mizuho Kazami

If you're a fan of Onegai Teacher, and have been searching for figurines of Mizuho-sensei, look no further! The figurine is relatively old (2yrs ago), so the price for one might be pricey due to it's rarity but this is not the case.

Introducing Goodsmile's Mizuho Kazami!
Now if you wish to get that figurine in a low price of US$24.90, here's your chance!

Onegai Teacher 1/7 Scale Painted PVC Figure: Mizuho Kazami Dessert Time

It appears that Play-Asia has changed the selling price to US$ 54.90 :|

And now they dropped the price once more to US$24.90 -__-

And on another note, seems like Kaiyodo has announced the next TTGL figure! Yes, another Gurren Lagann but this time around it's the Fulldrillized Version!

I'm still pondering if I should even purchase that, would be good to know part of Gurren's wing will be included.

But wait...there's moar! Look's like Goodsmile is pulling the same trick again! Another Miku Nendoroid but with different faces and accessories! OMG!

For once I wish that was limited to festivals :( It's a definite answer to whether I would ponder on buying it from the stores.

Oh my oh my >_<

Update: It looks like this version of Miku would be a festival exclusive :]

Miku Hatsune Nendoroid

Here's my first Nendoroid, Miku Hatsune! When I started into anime figurines couple months ago, I tried to get this but to no avail. That was because the pre-order for most shops dates it back to end of last year. But thankfully due to it's overwhelming response, Good Smile Company decided to start another batch for it and from what I heard even a 3rd release is needed.

So finally I got her, one of my least expected to acquire figurines and sadly still my Resinya Holo is no where to be found :[

Miku's hair seem to be pretty loose and keeps on popping out of her head and I must say without those tails she does remind me of Eureka. And the quality of the painting is top notch btw!

Enjoy the slideshow!!

Revoltech Lazengann

And here with have the next contender, Lazengann! Almost ruined any life that was left with the photos, the photos are bad but still somewhat aceptable.

Took me quite a while to get the poses set up. I have to say it takes a while to pose Revoltech's, at least for Gurren Lagann and Lazengann. The joints and design for Lazengann certainly does make them sturdier than my Gurren Lagann. Maybe it's his different body structure.

figma Nanoha Takamachi Barrierjacket Ver.

Yep so i spent my afternoon taking photos of the newly acquired figurines with my SE Cybershot phone. Thought i'd give Photoshop Express a try since it's pretty much doing two things at once, touching up the photos and uploading them to a host.

Enjoy the slideshow! I know i do :3


Nanoha & Moar!

So I've waited for my figurine of figma Nanoha Takamachi Barrierjacket Ver. to be delivered from Play-Asia. I was getting worried the package might be misplaced some where but it finally arrived at the door step this afternoon!

I wasn't really planning to get her at first since i'm not a super fan of Nanoha (I do like the series but not to a crazed fan extent). But when I saw the release of figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrierjacket Ver. I thought it'll be a sweet collection to have those two so I went forth and ordered from Play-Asia.

figma_nanoha_01.jpg figma_nanoha_02.jpg

I'm glad it arrived :) and can't wait to open the box when get some free time tomorrow. And also, the local shop rang me up to inform that both my Miku Hatsune Nendoroid and Lazengann is really for collection! I'll be looking forward to them as well!

:] Today is a good day!


Revoltech Gurren Lagann

Finally received my Revoltech Gurren Lagann from the shop! My first ever Revoltech figurine and I had to make sure i dont break any of the parts. Good thing they made them pretty sturdy.

Yeah I might just need to get a decent digicam soon : /

bDSC00352.jpg bDSC00354.jpg bDSC00355.jpg bDSC00356.jpg

bDSC00358.jpg bDSC00359.jpg bDSC00360.jpg bDSC00363.jpg

bDSC00364.jpg bDSC00365.jpg bDSC00366.jpg bDSC00367.jpg

bDSC00369.jpg bDSC00372.jpg bDSC00374.jpg bDSC00378.jpg

bDSC00380.jpg bDSC00381.jpg bDSC00382.jpg bDSC00383.jpg

bDSC00384.jpg bDSC00386.jpg bDSC00387.jpg bDSC00390.jpg

bDSC00391.jpg bDSC00392.jpg bDSC00393.jpg


Nendoroid Rin >o<

Amiami has Rin up on it's pre-order list! And I nearly forgot about her! OMG! Moar Nendoroids! Moar moe! Moar cash!

Preordered! Now let's hope i get it in this year's batch! XD