Revoltech Gurren Lagann

Finally received my Revoltech Gurren Lagann from the shop! My first ever Revoltech figurine and I had to make sure i dont break any of the parts. Good thing they made them pretty sturdy.

Yeah I might just need to get a decent digicam soon : /

bDSC00352.jpg bDSC00354.jpg bDSC00355.jpg bDSC00356.jpg

bDSC00358.jpg bDSC00359.jpg bDSC00360.jpg bDSC00363.jpg

bDSC00364.jpg bDSC00365.jpg bDSC00366.jpg bDSC00367.jpg

bDSC00369.jpg bDSC00372.jpg bDSC00374.jpg bDSC00378.jpg

bDSC00380.jpg bDSC00381.jpg bDSC00382.jpg bDSC00383.jpg

bDSC00384.jpg bDSC00386.jpg bDSC00387.jpg bDSC00390.jpg

bDSC00391.jpg bDSC00392.jpg bDSC00393.jpg


Anonymous said...

I noticed that your blog was new, but I just wanted to say that I like what you posted so far. Keep it up!

Striket said...

Thanks :)

Well it's kinda "old" actually, had it years back but i pretty much restarted over a couple times too many.