Konata Winter Uniform Ver. Box

Looks like photos of Konata and the box has appeared. Sure looks nice :)
More of her this way, http://ameblo.jp/figma/theme-10003852822.html


Nendoroid Shana

Nendoroids sure do live up to their name as being one of the kawaii figurines one will ever purchase. And it's no exception when it's Shana! Shown above is the Enpatsu Shakugan version, as for the normal one it's limited to those who suscribes to a certain mag. I'm happy enough with just this version of Shana, just gotta wait for the shops to state their price tags for pre-order before adding her to the cart.


Konata Izumi Cosplay Ver.

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So here's my virgin purchase from eBay, the Wonfes 08 limited edition of Konata Izumi cosplaying as Haruhi. I knew I had to buy this when i saw the price tag from the seller. Most of the places I saw that has her on sale ranges mostly around US$120 and that's without counting shipment. And what's not to trust a seller who has a track record 100% record from every sale.

Konata's cute as ever and it was fun when i plucked couple items from my figma Nanoha and transfered them onto her.

Hmmm..can't wait to get my hands on the winter uniform version of Konata later this month. Probably have fun transfering those faces to this version and vice versa :3

Ooh and Play-Asia is having an large scale offer right now.
Play-Asia.com Octopus Catching Summer Sale: 25% OFF ALL in-stock items - Only until Sunday, July 20th 2008

Too bad(or lucky?) that I couldn't find anything interesting that's on discount :o


The Art of Shunya Yamashita Fine Art Bust Cold Cast Statue: Noel

As taken from http://www.kotous.com/?p=1684
The 7th figure is in ARTFX series of sculptures based on the art of master illustrator Shunya Yamashita! KARIN BUST STATUE stands approximately 7″ tall with display base, and is packaged in a collectible window box.

Height(inch): 7″
Height(cm): 18.0CM
Material: COLD CAST
Copyright: © 山下しゅんや

Play-Asia has a weekly special on her right now and these are the details

List price: US$ 89.90
Special price: US$ 59.90
You save: US$ 30.00

A pretty good deal i'd say so grab it while the special still stands!
Buy The Art of Shunya Yamashita Fine Art Bust Cold Cast Statue: Noel


(Kotobukiya) Spice & Wolf, Holo

Yes if i do need to repeat myself a thousand times my Resinya Holo is still no where in sight :( but somehow I think I can take that as a blessing.

Right on schedule with the speed and efficiency of EMS delivery was my Play-Asia order of Kotobukiya's Holo.

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Oh my she's a beauty! Just love that smile on her face! All she needs now is a decent display shelf!

A Game & Trading Figure

Waited about a week and i received my The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match and a Raki Suta Collection Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Trading Figure.

You might ask, why would I just buy one of the trading figure when the full collection is actually made out of 11 figures? My answer would be that the PS2 game cost US$49.90 and I'd need to have at least US$50 for a US$5 discount. So that's where the Lucky Star trading figures come in play. One would cost US$4.90 and it's better than choosing some unwanted junk to fill in the total price.

That's the story behind it and I just so happen to get Miyuki. Would be nice to get Konata though but Miyuki would do just fine :3


Gurren Lagann Wonfes '08 Summer Edition

Kotobukiya sends word of a limited edition Gurren Lagann for the Wonder Festival 2008 (Summer). It will be painted with metallic paint which gives it a nice glossy look and it'll feature the full flight pack as well. Now i'm just wondering where's the remaining flight pack of the standard edition of Gurren Lagann gonna come from.


figma Kagami

Yup, we all know this is coming but i just "didn't expect" it to be so soon. Looks like Kagami is now open for pre-orders! Set to be released a month after Tsukasa, on September.