Alter Louise

Alter has finally released the pre-orders for Louise Uniform Ver. Gonna have to reshuffle some finances to grab her, luckily she's due for next years release.

My order for Asahina Mikuru Gothic Punk Ver. has already been dropped out due to lack of funds :|


gordon said...

toyntoys has open up pre-order and she's really expensive! O_O

other than the price, don't really like the stick thingy at the back of her head so i'll give it a miss. ^^;

Striket said...

Well she is from Alter so that's pretty much the usual price that comes with them.

Other than that, I don't like the other Louise's that's out there. Wanted to choose the one with her waving a wand and having a book in the other hand but I still prefer the anime look to the manga.

I'm okay with the stick holding her up, it's gonna be concealed anyway. And I pre-ordered her from Ani-Play. Lack of funds for any EMS delivery from the usual Japan websites :|