Alpha x Omega - La La

This version of La La I might just get! Wasn't liking the other two figurines of La La, by Goodsmile and Piccolo Town. Sure the quality is good for both but I prefer her in a more decent costume, which in this case is her school uniform.

Original news from Dannychoo

Update! ITSA GETTTT! :3 I really really need to get more cash into my account now!!!!


Holo Do Want!

So I got sick of waiting, pondering if I will ever receive my Holo figurine I went ahead on Play-Asia and paid for another one that was made by Kotobukiya. Used the USD$5 discount coupon from my previous purchase so it's relatively cheaper than what I would have paid for in stores here. Since most of the pre-order would have expired by now.

On another note, the Revoltech Gurren Lagann has just released in Japan. I sure hope mine arrives soon :3

P.S. Ooh Holo you're so preetty <3!!>