figma Miku Hatsune

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Here's figma's Miku Hatsune! Recieved her from HobbyLink Japan a day ago and I pretty much like the way HLJ packaged her into the box. No peanuts, no bubble wrap, just a cardboard with a plastic seal wrap over it.

I'm amazed by Miku's beauty in this one so don't expect any pantsu shots (soz AC :þ) this time around. Her side tails are pretty solid when compared to my Nendoroid Miku. I'm still considering if i should get a new set of Nend just because of that issue.

Okay, enjoy the slideshow! :]


Anonymous Coward said...

understood. LOL. maybe I should get one.. haha

damn, your also 1 devil. hahahaha

Striket said...

I'm like Two Face :D >D

If you wanna get one there's another batch coming in couple months time or so.