Alter Tukisiro Mina

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Introducing Alter's Tukisiro Mina from Getumen To Heiki MINA. Excellent quality, colors and paint job are very nicely done! The rod she's holding in her hand is actually made up of metal.

Not much I can say bout this figure because she's does not require much to describe. Simply clean, simple and beautiful. Bunneh karots ftw!

Ooh and it seems like figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Uniform In Winter Ver. will be released this Friday according to Mikatan's Blog. Can't wait for her to arrive! "/insert Konata's face here"


Anonymous Coward said...

hey new layout.. coool!

i like the rounded boxes...

for some reason i find it hard to view the images tho.. like sometimes i just want to skip to another image, got to wait for it to load.. maybe its just my slow connection.. hahaa

Striket said...

Hmmm..try pausing it then click on the < or > to view them. Yeah it could be your connection, PS Xpress is still under going beta and isn't tune for any usage outside of US.

Anonymous Coward said...

man... starhub sucks during peak hours :(