Figma Yuki Arrives!

Yuki Nagato Evil Wizard Ver. arrived right on schedule. Will begin photo shoot in days to come.


Revoltech Enki

Larger Slide Show Here

Spent some time with Enki tonight and manage to get a photo session done. For those who collect the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Revoltechs should know that the final component of the Gurren Lagann flight pack ships with Enki so you'll find Gurren Lagann sneaking in for some shots near the end.

Here's a clip of when Enki fought with Gurren Lagann.

Now...where's that Gurren Lagann Fulldrillized of mine. Gotta get Enkidu when he's up on the shops for pre-order as well.


figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Uniform In Winter Ver.

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Heeeere's Tsukasa Hiiragi Uniform In Winter Ver.! Had a hard time switching her hands back and forth, almost afraid that i might rip off the joints in the process. Had a lil fun with something from Konata :3 at the end of the shoot as well. Ooh ooh and I think Miyuki's pre-ordering just started :D

Next figure shoot, Revoltech Enki! Gurren Lagann Fulldrillized should be before him but I have yet to receive it, so that'll come later(hopefully).

Tsukasa Soon!

Done with the photo shoot with Tsukasa Hiiragi, once she's processed through PS she'll be uploaded for the slide show. Meanwhile enjoy this song from her seiyuu.


figma Miku Hatsune

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Here's figma's Miku Hatsune! Recieved her from HobbyLink Japan a day ago and I pretty much like the way HLJ packaged her into the box. No peanuts, no bubble wrap, just a cardboard with a plastic seal wrap over it.

I'm amazed by Miku's beauty in this one so don't expect any pantsu shots (soz AC :þ) this time around. Her side tails are pretty solid when compared to my Nendoroid Miku. I'm still considering if i should get a new set of Nend just because of that issue.

Okay, enjoy the slideshow! :]


Gurren-dan Tee

Out of the blue I went and ordered this Gurren-dan T-Shirt from HLJ. So it was shipped through SAL, took roughly 10 days and finally arrived. Wonder if i'll ever loose my mind and grab another one of these tee's in the future, since one would cost around the price of a figma figurine. Oh well money has been spent.

figma Miku Hatsune gallery coming next!