figma Haruhi Suzumiya Summer Clothes ver.

From figma Haruhi Summer Album

Had to get this version of Haruhi when I heard news about the summer clothes version, cause i am a sucker for girls who tie their hair up. However it was tad disappointing that my shipment did not come with the limited edition school bag

figma Haruhi Suzumiya Summer Clothes ver.

figma Kagami Hiiragi Cosplay ver.

From figma Kagami Hiiragi cosplay Album

Nendoroids maybe be cute but figmas do not loose out either.
Here's Miku Miku Kagami in her figma form.

figma Kagami Hiiragi Cosplay ver.

Nendoroid Miku Miku Kagami

From Nendoroid Miku Miku Kagami Album

Right so I have recieved a bunch of figurines some time back but have yet to take photos of them only until recently. That is partly because I have been busy with work and it takes some time to set up the space needed for the photo shoots. The Revoltech's would take a while longer cause it requires more time to pose in their joints.

Anyways, here is Kagami in Miku Hatsune's outfit, Nendoroid form! Love the expressions, as expected from the Nendoroids.

GoodSmile Nendoroid MikkuMiku Kagami


Yoko Gift

From Yoko Gift

As every fully assembled/non-poseable figure that is out there, they usually elude a sense of beauty. Yoko's no exception! The cost to get her might be more than usual but as you can see its worth it. More photos at the link below the preview image!

Yoko by Goodsmile

Nendoroid Louise

From Nendoroid Louise

And as if the 1/8 Louise wasn't enough, here comes the Nendoroid version from Goodsmile.

One day i'll open up the Nendroid Playset and gather up the Nendoroids for a photo shoot, like get a class going or something. Probably wait till the Nendoroid Playset #02: Japanese Life Set is out before I set that up.

Nendoroid Louise by GoodSmile

Revoltech Enkidudu

From Revoltech Enkidudu

I managed to get this off Play-Asia, since this is a magazine special for the Revoltech series. It came in like a brown recycled box, not your usual packaging you'll get from the Revoltech's.

Didn't really pose it as much as the rest, anyways click on the link below the photo for more of it.

Enkidudu by Revoltech


Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Ver.

From Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Ver.

And as I mentioned before, these large figures are a beauty to behold. I knew by first glance I have to get this Haruhi. However I was not really keen on completing the set with Yuki and Mikuru.

Ain't she just pretty in that outfit?!

Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Ver. by Goodsmile

Alter Louise Uniform Ver.

From Louise Uniform Ver.

Had always wanted a Louise figure but non of them out there caught my eye, that is until this came along.

One thing you can expect from these figures is that they are usually looking great out of the box, minimum assembly and that they are big.

Thrown in a little pantsu shot this time ;]

Louise Uniform Ver. by Alter

figma Shana Normal/Enpatsu

From figma Shana Normal/Enpatsu

Managed to get both versions of Shakugan no Shana, the Enpatsu which is available to everyone and the Normal version from special orders.

I would say each of them has it's own charm. The "burning hair" of the Enpatsu version is neat, while the look from the normal version is pleasing in it's own.

figma Shana Enpatsu ver. by Goodsmile

figma Len & Rin Kagamine

Len Kagamine by Goodsmile
From figma Len Kagamine

Rin Kagamine by Goodsmile
From figma Rin Kagamine

Introducing the Kagamine siblings! Now Miku would not be lonely anymore and all they need is a stage. And I absolutely adore Rin!! Everyone else has their figure companion while on the road and I might just purchase another just for that.

Do make sure you click on the link below each thumbnail for more photos like these!

Nendoroid Yoko

From Nendoroid Yoko

Who can get enough of Yoko? How about Nendoroids? I know I could not. Cute as it can be, Nendoroids do their job just fine!

I hope GS would release a Nia version some day.

Nendoroid Yoko by Goodsmile

figma Hayate Kagami

From Hayate Kagami

More joints but this time from figma, with whom I favor more. They did a good job with Hayate, love that gold paint and her wings. Took a while to make her grab that book of hers, a little nudge and the book will drop off her hand.

Hayate Kagami by figma

Revoltech Enkidu

From Enkidu

And yet another Revoltech to follow (once i am done with it's TTGL series I will most likely stop the collection, their Fraulien series I might go for but nothing from their main.)
Meanwhile I have Enkidudu in transit, should be reaching just about this week.

Enkidu by Revoltech

Revoltech G.L. Fulldrillized

From Gurren Lagann Fulldrillized

This one as well was almost forgotten but one thing that it made me remember was that I "punctured" one of my fingers while fixing on one of it's parts. Just like the box indicated, "Warning: Sharp Edges!"

Still, it is one of the best GL that I preferred.

Gurren Lagann Fulldrillized by Revoltech


Revoltech TTGL

From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Had almost forgot about this figure and if it were not for Enkidu I would have just forgotten about this. Thought that this would be the last we will see of Gurren Lagann by Revoltech but there seems to be more of it to be release this year. About 3 more versions prior to this I think. (I'm not really keen on the joints from Revoltech, sure they're poseable but they can be a pain to pose the figure for photo shoots)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by Revoltech



Gonna go broke in April, thanks to the influx of figurines being released. Will be adding Figma MikuMiku Kagami soon to the list.
News courtesy of Wcloudx's Blog.


Rawr Rawr Fight for Powaa!

Hobby Search begun the pre-order for Alter's new Yoko figure which is one of those that you know it's a must-get!

Also joining the list of pre-orders are these two
Fraulein Revoltech Yoko (Movie Version)
Figma Suzumiya Haruhi (Summer School Version)

Seems like I'm gonna get plenty of Yoko for this year :3
Here's another !


Nendoroid Rin & Len

From Nendoroid Rin & Len

More Nendoroid cuteness! This time it's Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine from Vocaloid.

Here's one taken with Miku!

Figma Kagami & Miyuki

Completing the Lucky Star Figma set, here's Kagami and Miyuki at last! I can see why Danny takes Kagami everywhere cause she does have her fun and cute side.

From Figma Kagami
From Figma Miyuki

Okay! All Together Now!
From Figma Lucky Star

Whew...this post is long! ;^^

Nendoroid Shana, Enpatsu Shakugan Ver.

From Nendoroid Shana, Enpatsu Shakugan Ver.

Oh how could anyone resist Nendoroid Shana, Enpatsu Shakugan Ver.? Well of course there's the normal version but that's hard to get. You can almost hear Shana saying, "Urusai!! Urusai!!! Urusai!!!"

Nendoroids, simply irresistible!

Fraulein Revoltech Yoko

From Revoltech Yoko

Not my first Revoltech but she's my first Fraulein version. There's another pose-able Yoko out there by another company but I still prefer this Fraulein Revoltech Yoko.

Seems like there will be another version release by Revoltech, the Yoko Gurren Lagann The Movie ver. of which I'll certainly acquire :)


Alpha x Omega - La La

From Alpha x Omega - La La

Reason why I got Alpha x Omega's Lala later than Konjiki no Yami, was because I couldn't manage to secure one when the order messed up.

It's a major bummer when you have a set of figurines that you intend to get as a whole but due to unforeseen circumstances you just happen to miss out on one. I was lucky this time.

New Line Roberta

From New Line Roberta

Right...after a long long absence i'm back with the delayed updates. First up, my most expensive purchase to date (and a risky one at that), Black Lagoon's Roberta by New Line.

She's bout 30cm, weighs a ton when compared to the rest of the figurines and came in a hugeeee box. And since she's cold cast and not the usual PVC, she's very prone to breaking into pieces. Sadly she didn't arrive in 100% shape, two of her front fringes snapped off.

In the end I had to glue the pieces together. Though not perfect, she's still a beauty to behold. But back into the box she goes now, till I managed to get a decent shelf to contain her and space in my room for displaying.