Rawr Rawr Fight for Powaa!

Hobby Search begun the pre-order for Alter's new Yoko figure which is one of those that you know it's a must-get!

Also joining the list of pre-orders are these two
Fraulein Revoltech Yoko (Movie Version)
Figma Suzumiya Haruhi (Summer School Version)

Seems like I'm gonna get plenty of Yoko for this year :3
Here's another !


Panther said...

Like I mentioned elsewhere, this is no longer a figure I want to get. I was excited when she was first announced by Alter at Wonfes last year, but the final sample's face throws me off for some reason.

Striket said...

Sad to hear that Panther :|
Luckily there's still quite a variation of Yoko out there to choose from :) Fancy any of them?